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PathQuest is an absolute business management platform, and a very clever example on how brilliant technology when used for business can bring out best preferred business outcomes. It is an excellence, filled with unique features truly meant for business growth.

This simple yet powerful solution is a best fit for every business across the globe as it comes with amazing flexibility, and an outstanding in-depth ability of being very customized,

Moreover, this robust solution is meant to simplify business processes, so there is no more of business complexities acting as a hurdle for your business growth.

About PABS

We are a Tech-Driven Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company in business since 2008. During this time, we have worked for hundreds of companies like yours all over the world. Our seasoned Leaders and highly competent Managers, Chartered Accountants, as well as Taxation Experts, have expertise over all the most commonly used Accounting and Taxation Software packages. We are renowned for Reliability and Accuracy in which we take great pride.

What You Can Expect from PABS Accounting

Low Cost

PABS is Affordable to Franchisers/Franchisees for a low cost and as little as $300/month.


PABS is Customisable to Franchisers/Franchisees which we can define the Services, Tasks and Reports your Company needs.


PABS provides Franchisers/Franchisees a high quality Bookkeeping Model that ensures Accurate Reporting that’s On Time.


PABS Franchisers/Franchisees service is an Easy and Hassle-Free Exchange of Document and Reports we Set-Up through a Secured and Personalized System Login.


PABS Franchisers/Franchisees service is Efficient that involves very little time on your part with a Quick Turn-Around Period for Excellent Results.


PABS is recognised by our clients as dependable, quality-conscious partners

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