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Accounts Payable & Expenses Management

Accounts Payable & Expenses Management

One of the most neglected back-office functions but plays a significant role in managing the Working Capital. PABS, with its strategic approach and specialist Account Payable team, ensure that all Bills and Expenses are recorded in books accurately every time. We also manage employee’s expenditure report, including Credit Card Expenses and Receipts. The Accounts Payable Team is also an expert on Supplier Management and Payments.

Business Accounts Management

Accounts Receivable Management

PABS helps you to be on top of the revenue each day. The Accounts Receivable Team is efficient in handling the daily invoices and the bank deposits. The reconciliation forms an integral part as well to ensure you always have the correct balances. We also provide Customer Management Services, that ensures your invoices are paid on time. Our smart team works with clients, creating payment schedule to manage sales offered on credit.

Payroll Administration

Payroll Administration

Payroll can be a real headache with managing the awards, pay rates and leave entitlements. Our services include setting up of employees, processing and reconciliation of payrolls. We also take care of the leave entitlements, the Super payments as well as the Payroll Tax compliance. From offering a team of experts managing various parts of human resources and payroll to providing safe services, PABS is an essential to grow with benefits.

Weekly/Monthly Reporting and Closing

Weekly/Monthly Reporting and Closing

We provide the owners with a Weekly/Monthly close of Financials. Detailed Analysis of the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Accounts helps them to be ahead of the curve to make the right decisions. This service helps you manage your business well while identifying problems and opportunities faster. It helps to come up with quality business decisions using this timely and accurate data, leaving a positive impact on the growth of the business.

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Business Activity Statement/ Instalment Activity Statement Preparation

Our Specialist Team ensures that you are on top of the statutory liabilities all year round. While working out your BAS and IAS along with Filing them helps you to keep a clean image with ATO. There’s collating of data relating to a BAS provision done along with determining figures to be used in activity statement and provide expert advice regarding this provision. This specialized service helps in determining the financial worth of your business.

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Customized Management Reporting

We know all business are not the same, and so are the reports. We value the need for customised reporting for any Business Owners to take the right decision. We provide customised reports on the go when needed by the business. With PABS, come across clear, relevant, timely, readily available, freely accessible automated reports helping in recognizing and fixing non-productive areas to improve productivity that gains more profits.

Timely Bookkeeping support

Timely Bookkeeping Support

We are all aware of how accounting can be useful in detecting opportunities, which can result in making strategic decisions. PABS helps in providing consistent and timely bookkeeping support to your clients. Our month-to-month closing process provides you with accurate accounting and numbers each time. Either you want to grow your existing practice or add a service line, PABS can help you achieve those growth numbers.

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Software Migration and Advice

We love all cloud accounting software. PABS is well versed with numerous accounting and their auxiliary software. We also help clients move from MYOB to XERO seamlessly. So, from Training on a Software to choosing the right one for you, we do it all. We ensure you go ahead of your competition by advising on having the latest technology for all your business needs, keeping away all such obstacles from enhancing the growth of your business.

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Financial Forecasting and Budgeting

PABS can help you in a task apart from conventional bookkeeping. The forecasting and budgeting can help you add more value to the existing clients and help them make better decisions. Generally, to be used by both CPA/CA and Business Owners. Moreover, this also measures financial performances, reduces financial risks, calculate future requirements and suggest on better control over cash flows to run and safe and secured business now & then.

About PABS

We are a Tech-Driven Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) company in business since 2008. During this time, we have worked for hundreds of companies like yours all over the world. Our seasoned Leaders and highly competent Managers, Chartered Accountants, as well as Taxation Experts, have expertise over all the most commonly used Accounting and Taxation Software packages. We are renowned for Reliability and Accuracy in which we take great pride.

What You Can Expect from PABS Accounting

Low Cost

PABS is Affordable to Franchisers/Franchisees for a low cost and as little as $300/month.


PABS is Customisable to Franchisers/Franchisees which we can define the Services, Tasks and Reports your Company needs.


PABS provides Franchisers/Franchisees a high quality Bookkeeping Model that ensures Accurate Reporting that’s On Time.


PABS Franchisers/Franchisees service is an Easy and Hassle-Free Exchange of Document and Reports we Set-Up through a Secured and Personalized System Login.


PABS Franchisers/Franchisees service is Efficient that involves very little time on your part with a Quick Turn-Around Period for Excellent Results.


PABS is recognised by our clients as dependable, quality-conscious partners

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